Nikki Barber Printmaker

I find artist statements mildly best. Instead of giving you the adjective-fluffed usual, here’s a short story:

I used to work as a research therapist for children with autism. The kids were great; the work schedule and commutes were soul-draining. I reached a point of breaking and decided to quit and visit the places I always told myself I would go and do the thing I always told myself I would do. You see, I have two degrees- one in the awesome world of biological sciences and the other in the equally awesome world of printmaking. I decided to side-step my linear track bound for a job that actually has benefits and call myself an artist. Thus, here I am showing off my prints to you from the places I visited after quitting a huge chapter of my life.

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IF you really want the formalized artist statement, that's here too. (I can be proper when needed). Have a look:

Seattle-based printmaker, Nikki Barber, explores the way humans construct their environment and interact with natural resources. Her prints are the reflection of the places and spaces she finds meaningful. Her artist residency in Thailand, in particular, captures the Pacific Northwest artist’s interest as she makes work reflecting her recent time abroad. She focuses on physical structures, neighborhoods, and waterfront landscapes that make areas distinct as she blends woodcut, etching, and monotype printing techniques.

Nikki prints at Print Zero Studio in Seattle, WA. She graduated from the University of Washington with an Interdisciplinary Visual Arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking. She finds traveling to other countries and exploring printmaking a way to highlight and make sense of how she fits into the world. Next, she plans to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico.

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