Nikki Barber - Printmaker

I am a Seattle-based printmaker. I am in love with the medium and all of its many techniques. Primarily, I work in relief printing, which includes woodcut and monotype printmaking techniques. After a session of being the Print Shop Coordinator at Pilchuck School of Glass, I have been experimenting in vitreography.

I start the process with a real life experience and then sketch something from it. Next I work out which printmaking technique will best convey what I want from the image. This part of the process takes the longest for me -- so many possibilities with their own set of pros and cons to work out.

I start my art-making process with a real life experience and then sketch something from it or take a reference photo to work from in my studio. There is something about the process I am drawn to - visiting the place, talking to the people, interacting with the space, making the sketches, carving the block, finding the color palette, and finally laying down the block on the paper, and pulling a print. My work is based off of organic and constructed environments and interactions of communities with regional natural resources.

I grew up in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, a forty-five minute drive west of Mount Baker. There is something intensely satisfying about spending days in the wilderness with nothing but the supplies I brought, my body, my mind, and the environment I am venturing in. I am never disappointed by the natural beauty and wildness that presents itself.

Nikki is a printmaker, teaching artist, and instructor. She loves traveling and translating little moments of journeying into a 2-D print. She is working to connect printmaking communities and foster international relations. She recently spearheaded an invitation cultural and artistic exchange between printmaking communities in Thailand and the Pacific Northwest, co-curated by Seattle Print Arts, and with support from Davidson Galleries, Pratt Fine Arts Center, and Chiang Mai Art on Paper Studios.
Check out her Instagram Account (@NikkiBarberArt) or the Seattle Print Arts Facebook Page for cool things happening in Nikki's printmaking community.

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